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Game available on Google Play Or just type 'Chinese Checkers' in Google Play search engine.

Rules of Chinese Checkers

Look at the rules of the Chinese Checkers game explained on wikipedia.

The objective is to be first to race one's pieces across the gameboard.

Each player has ten pieces.

Players take turns moving a single piece, either by moving one step to an adjacent unoccupied space or by jumping in one or any number of available consecutive hops over other single pieces.

There is no capturing, so hopped pieces remain active on the gameboard.

In other languages : jeu de Dames chinoises (Fr), Halma (De), Kinaschack spel (Se), Damas chinas (Es), Dama chinese (It), 中國跳棋, 中国のチェッカー, Китайские шашки

Video demo on YouTube

Chinese Checkers HD/Tablet vs SohoMob's Battle Chinese Checkers

Battle Chinese Checkers by SohoMob is popular on Android devices.

On large screens the graphics turn out to be poor

That's why you'll feel more confortable with Chinese Checkers HD/Tablet an Android tablet!

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